The following are the rules and regulations by which the RWAF is conducted.  All members are expected to abide by the Statutes and other rules and regulations of the RWAF and to adhere to the spirit of the Federation’s vision.


    1.1 The RWAF is a non-political, non-profit federation of Aikido organizations and individual members affiliated with NPO Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu.
    1.2 The RWAF does not discriminate between individuals, nationalities, races or religious beliefs.
    1.3 The RWAF supports and promotes it’ members practicing non-competitive Aikido as taught by Morihei Ueshiba and his direct students.
    1.4 The RWAF respects the autonomy of it’s members and will not interfere in their internal affairs and management.
    1.5 In situations where there is conflict between the RWAF and a member or conflict between members and where possible, the RWAF will strive to reach a resolution through mediation between both parties.  Where resolution is not achieved, the matter may be referred to the Board of Members for a vote.

    2.1 The RWAF Headquarters (Honbu) and Administration Office is located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan at the same address as the NPO Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu Headquarters Dojo:
    Ryu World Aikido Federation
    2.2 The Official Languages of the RWAF will be English.  English will be the usual language used for the transaction of business.  Japanese will be used in teaching; in the names of techniques; grading and ranking.
    2.3 The official address for correspondence with the RWAF is that of the official headquarters. Email correspondence should be sent to the address
    2.4 All dojo representatives and individual members have the right to communicate directly with the RWAF.
    2.5 Dojo representatives and individual members must inform the General Secretary of any changes in the official address and e-mail address of their organization or themselves.

     3.1 Representatives of all paid-up member dojos shall sit on the Board of Members the RWAF.
    3.2 An annual assembly of the Board of the RWAF shall be held every year in May, on the day following the Urayasu City Aikido Association Demonstration (although an assembly of the board of the RWAF may be called whenever necessary.) 
    3.2.1 In order to call an assembly of the Board of the RWAF, the General Secretary must dispatch the notice thereof to the members no later than 4 weeks prior to the day of the assembly.  This notice must specify or record the date, time and place of the assembly and the matters that are the purpose of the assembly.  The General Secretary may issue notice by e-mail.
    3.2.2 Members or their representatives have the right to attend an assembly of the board of the RWAF.  Representatives of Affiliate Dojo members have a right to vote at this meeting. Representatives of Affiliate Dojo members are entitled to one vote. 
    3.2.3 The purpose of the meeting is for RWAF members to meet each other; exchange greetings; ideas and to pass resolutions.  At the annual general meeting of the board of the RWAF, the matters mentioned below may be resolved.
    ・Changing the rules and regulations.
    ・Business report for each year.
    ・Accounting report for each year. 
    ・Business plan for each year.
    ・Budget for each year.
    ・Election and dismissal of the Chairman of the RWAF (or other Officers.)
    ・Merger and dissolution.
    3.2.4 A seminar will be held on the same day as the Annual General Meeting (AGM) allowing members to train together.
    3.3 If representatives from member dojos are unable to attend due to distance and cost, they may submit in writing; at least one month in advance; any issues they would like raised for discussion or consideration.  
    3.3.1 Representatives may also vote on resolutions by email or in writing.  The number of votes exercised by email or the votes exercised in writing is included in the number of member who are present at the Assembly. 
    3.3.2 Members may vote by proxy.  In such cases, such members or proxies must submit to the RWAF a document evidencing the authority of proxy. 
    3.4 The decisions taken by the Members of the Board at the AGM shall be binding on all members. The decisions are made by a majority vote of members present.
    3.5 An annual financial report shall be released by the RWAF administration at the AGM.  This report and minutes from the AGM shall be sent by e-mail to all members if they are unable to attend.
    3.6 The President of the RWAF shall always be the current President of NPO Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu.
    3.7 The President of the RWAF has general supervision of the affairs of the RWAF in accordance with the Statutes and the decisions of the Board of Members.
    3.8 The General Secretary will be responsible for the preparation and organisation of the AGM and various other events hosted by the RWAF.  The General Secretary will also be responsible for maintaining an archive containing documents and information relating to the Statutes of the RWAF and it’s members.
    3.9 The General Treasurer will have charge of all matters relating to the management of the budget, assets, and liabilities of the RWAF; will handle all income and all expenditure of the RWAF and will maintain the accounts in accordance with recognised general accounting procedure.


    4.1 Membership:
    4.1.1 The RWAF reserves the right to deny membership to any organization or individual which fails to meet the requirements of membership or is otherwise deemed not suitable for membership.
    4.1.2 In the case where a student of a member dojo wishes to separate from their instructor and create their own independent organization or dojo; both parties must give the RWAF official notice.
    4.1.3 In the case where a student of a member dojo wishes to separate from their instructor and create their own independent organisation or dojo and submit a new application for membership, the student will submit a letter of permission from their teacher along with their application.
    4.1.4 In the case where the teacher declines to give a letter of permission, they must be able to provide a reasonable explanation for why they have done so.  Furthermore, the student has the right to contest this and present their case to the RWAF.
    4.1.5 For membership purposes:
    a) An Organization is a democratically regulated association of Aikido dojos, legally constituted according to local laws;
    b) A National Aikido organisation is an organisation admitting members from all over the country;
    c) An Official national Aikido organisation, is a national Aikido organisation recognised as a legitimate national organisation for Aikido by an appropriate government body of the country in which it is situated.
    4.1.6 Should an individual member wish to switch their membership to a dojo membership or vice versa they will not be required to pay the entrance fee again.

    4.2 Resignation
    4.2.1 If an individual or member dojo wishes to resign their membership of the RWAF, they must give official notice in writing.  Members who do not do so will be held liable for the yearly membership fees.
    4.2.2 Resignation will take effect immediately upon receipt of a letter to this effect, signed by the recognized dojo representative.
    4.2.3 A resigned member can only re-enter the RWAF by submitting a new application and undergoing the same process as a new applicant.

    4.3 Suspension
    4.3.1 A member may be suspended from membership for:
    a) failure to comply with the Statutes and other rules and regulations of the RWAF
    b) non-payment of membership fees to the RWAF for one year or more.
    c) by bringing the RWAF into national or international disrepute.
    d) by behaving in a manner which is found to be inconsistent with the Vision of the RWAF or inconsistent with the spirit of Aikido.
    4.3.2 When the suspension of a member is being considered, the member will be informed of this by the General Secretary in a registered mail.
    4.3.3 A decision on suspension of a member must specify the reason for it, and shall include instructions as to how the suspension can be lifted.
    4.3.4 A suspended member or member organisation may not attend any meetings or activities organised by the RWAF until the suspension is lifted.

    4.4 Expulsion
    4.4.1 A member may be expelled for any of the following reasons:
    a) failure to comply with the Statutes and other rules and regulations of the RWAF.
    b) non-payment of any liabilities to the RWAF, despite suspension.
    c) bringing the RWAF into national or international disrepute.
    d) by behaving in a manner which is found to be inconsistent with the Vision of the RWAF or inconsistent with the spirit of Aikido.
    4.4.2 When the expulsion of a member is being considered, the member must be informed of this by the General Secretary in a registered mail.
    4.4.3 An expelled member can only re-enter the RWAF by submitting a new application for membership and undergoing the same process as a new applicant.  Furthermore, an expelled member must be able to show that the basis for the expulsion has been entirely removed.
    4.4.4 Notices of Suspension or Expulsion will be sent to the member concerned in a registered letter, by the General Secretary within one month from the date of the decision.

    The RWAF can not confer Dan or Kyu and can not issue instructor licenses (the RWAF can, however, assist in obtaining certification with Aikido Yoshinkan Foundation.

    6.1 In order to assist RWAF member dojos; instructors from Ryu Honbu are available for overseas visits with subsidies provided by the RWAF (finances permitting.) Ryu Honbu instructors may participate in regular classes and conduct seminars; gradings; demonstrations and instructor courses.
    6.2 Any RWAF member dojo may invite instructors from Ryu Honbu.  Accommodation can be in the form of a homestay and visiting instructors may be used in fund raising by host dojos.
    6.3 Seminars and clinics taught by Ando Shihan or Ryu Honbu Dojo instructors must be open to all students who wish to attend (though some regular classes may be exclusively for host dojo members.)
    6.4 Member dojos hosting seminars or clinics are free to set the ticket prices to maximise attendance and profit as they see fit.  However, ticket prices must be equal for all students wishing to attend.
    6.5 Visiting instructors will not teach in an organisation without permission from the dojo representative.
    6.6 Visiting instructors may not conduct examinations without the permission from the dojo representative. Where a visiting instructor conducts examinations, all test application forms should be submitted to the host dojo representative who will then submit all test application forms to the RWAF at least one month in advance of the test date.
    6.7 Member dojos who wish to host instructors from Ryu Honbu Dojo should first contact the RWAF by e-mail to enquire about dates and availability.  Once dates have been set, the host dojo should submit a formal letter of invitation to the RWAF at least 6 months before the seminar.
    6.8 Host dojos should submit a seminar schedule for approval at least one month before the seminar date.

    The RWAF recognizes the following teaching ranks and titles:
    *Shidoin – from 1st – 3rd dan
    *Shihandai – 4th and 5th dan
    *Shihan – from 6th dan
    (Usually, women may wear the hakama from 3rd kyu and men may wear it from 3rd dan although usually only the instructor wears hakama in regular training.  Please note that this is a recommended guide only.)

    RWAF member dojos, after receiving permission, may use the RWAF logo freely for promotional purposes for their dojos; on their websites or for events such as demonstrations etc.  The RWAF logo remains the copyrighted property of the RWAF and  may not be used or reproduced without permission.   The Ryu hanko design and calligraphy design are also copyrighted property and may not be reproduced or used without permission.  

    The bank account of the RWAF is maintained in Japan.