Dojo Membership

 Dojo Membership

Only well-organised dojos practising non-competitive aikido as taught by Ueshiba Morihei Sensei or his direct students shall be accepted for membership.

Representatives of member dojos should:

  • Be ranked at least shodan in their respective style.
  • Be the instructor of a well-organised dojo, in other words the organisation must be in a position to operate independently in all matters of Aikido, its teaching, grading and promotion and the organisation must be democratically regulated.
  • Be a trustworthy and humble person of good moral character.

Two kinds of dojo membership exist:

  • Affiliate Dojos are those dojos which are registered with NPO Aikido Ryu and which follow the test syllabus as set by Aikido Ryu Honbu Dojo; its grade ranking and testing procedures and which are entitled to issue dan and kyu ranks in accordance with their instructor license level.
    Representatives of Affiliate Dojos are entitled to vote at the Assembly of the Board of the RWAF.
  • Associate Dojos are those which teach any other style of aikido or Aikikai or which incorporate some Ryu Aikido or Aikikai in their teaching programme but are not registered with NPO Aikido Ryu and do not necessarily follow the Aikido Ryu test syllabus; its grade ranking or testing procedures.  Associate dojos may also become affiliate dojos by registering with NPO Aikido Ryu and changing to the Ryu Aikido syllabus.  The RWAF will assist Associate Dojos in switching to the Ryu Aikido syllabus and in preparing to become eligible to test for rank issued by NPO Aikido Ryu and Tsuneo Ando Sensei.  Where Associate Members become Affiliate Members they do not need to submit a new application for membership and do not need to pay the entrance fee again.

Upon receipt of payment of entrance fee and approval of membership, member dojos will be sent a dojo registration certificate.

Thereafter, on payment of yearly membership fees at the end of June every year member dojos must submit an updated total of student numbers; an updated list of member dojos (if any) and an updated list of yudansha.

All member dojos in good standing will be listed on this homepage in the “Member Dojos” section.


Please on the links below to download an application form and submit it along with the following:

  • 1 passport picture (3.5 x 4.5 cm)  Please note that this picture will be used as the profile picture for your dojo on the “Member Dojos” section of this website.
  • A copy of your most recent dan certificate.

(Please note that in some cases additional documentation may be requested.)

Dojo Member Application Form (Word)

Dojo Member Application Form (PDF)

Forms can be submitted by mail:

Ryu World Aikido Federation







or by e-mail: