The Ryu World Aikido Federation (hereafter referred to as the RWAF)  seeks as it’s ultimate goal the achievement of world peace through the practise of aikido, the Art of Peace, which is the “way to reconcile the world and make human beings one family” as stated by Ueshiba Morihei.

In pursuit of this goal, the RWAF aims are:

  • To reflect the spirit of wa or harmony which is the spirit of aikido, both in training and in co-operation with other member dojos.
  • To serve the communities of member dojos by nurturing life-long empowerment of students to constantly improve their state of health and well-being; mental and physical fitness; self-confidence and self-worth with a commitment to dignity and respect for life.
  • To increase awareness of aikido and it’s benefits.  The RWAF aims to provide an organised structure and global network whereby all member dojos can better co-operate for the development of aikido in member countries and across borders.
  • The advancement of the skills and spirit of it’s members by providing support; information; quality education and access to resources.  This includes the following:
    *Direct access to Ando Tsuneo Shihan and Ryu All Japan Aikido Federation (hereafter RJAF) instructors with  continual guidance in technique and tradition.
    *Access to printed matter such as syllabi; testing sheets; certificates etc.
    *Assistance in training; teaching; testing and rank promotion.
    *Access to seminars in Japan and other member countries.
    *Eligibility for a Ryu World Aikido Passport which indicates your rank and which records attendance at seminars and gasshku.