Russian Federation

The following dojos are officially registered Affiliate Members of the Ryu World Aikido Federation. They are dojos which are registered with NPO Aikido Ryu and which follow the test syllabus as set by Aikido Ryu Honbu Dojo; its grade ranking and testing procedures and which are entitled to issue dan and kyu ranks in accordance with their instructor license level.


  • HEAD INSTRUCTOR: Dmitry Filyunkin


Kids Sports School Ryu Aikido Chiryukan:

  • HEAD INSTRUCTOR: Dmitry Filyunkin

Wagoukan Dojo:

  • HEAD INSTRUCTOR: Mammadov Natig


  • HEAD INSTRUCTOR: Alexey Ivanov


Aikido Yoshinkan Foundation of Moscow:


  • HEAD INSTRUCTOR: Marat Alekseev

Go Sei Ryu Kan

  • HEAD INSTRUCTOR: Oleg Faenkov


  • HEAD INSTRUCTOR: Alexander Baulin

Ryu Yu Kan:

  • HEAD INSTRUCTOR: Aleksei Zhdanov