December, 2023

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Ando Shihan South American Seminar

In November, Ando Shihan made his first trip teaching outside Japan since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. The seminars in Argentina and Brazil were hosted by Ryu World Aikido Federation member dojos Gin Ryu Kan and NCC Country Club Haku Ryu Kan and were financially subsidised by the Ryu World Aikido Federation.  

Gin Ryu Kan, Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Ando Shihan arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 10.
Between November 11 and 12, he taught a total of 8 classes at the Gin Ryu Kan Dojo, for more than 60 students from different dojos and schools.
Students from different cities in Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Kazakhstan participated.
He also tested two students for the 3rd dan degree and one for the 4th dan degree.

Nippon Country Club Haku Ryu Kan, São Paolo, Brazil

On November 13 Ando Shihan traveled to the city of São Paulo, Brazil.
There he taught classes until November 18, for more than 70 participants.  Students from Brazil, Argentina, Scotland, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay and Colombia participated in his classes at the Haku Ryu Kan Dojo of the Nippon Country Club.
He also tested three students for the 3rd degree and one for the 5th dan degree.


During his time in São Paulo, Ando Sensei also had then opportunity to tour and observe the beautiful facilities of the Nippon Country Club.  He was also able to participate in various traditional Japanese cultural activities such as wadaiko and observe traditional Japanese dancing performed by the NCC members. 
He was also hosted for some sightseeing outside in the countryside surrounding São Paulo and appreciate the historical links between Brazil and Japan.

Congratulations to everyone who tested and passed their tests! 

Also a big thank you to everyone who attended the seminar – some people travelling from very far away spending several days on a bus to be there!

And of course, thank you to Marcio Welb Sensei and all the students at the Haku Ryu Kan and to Fernando Martinez Sensei and students at the Gin Ryu Kan for hosting and taking such good care of Ando Sensei during his trip.